The Bolshevik Of The Soviet Revolution

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The Bolsheviks success in the 1917 October revolution, gave them full power under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin. Their aim after successfully overthrowing the Russian autocracy was to create a socialist state. “His[Lenin’s] view was that socialism should be a society where the working people control their own fate, a society organized to benefit the vast majority. This view was the foundation for Lenin’s efforts in socialist construction.” In order to create this society they; formed a new socialist government; introduced the ‘first stage’ of communism- state capitalism; issued a decree on land as promised in their manifesto and focused on industrialising and collectivising in order to facilitate a socialist state. However, problems which may cause failure in the creation of a socialist state include the civil war for slowing down progress, the introduction of the NEP- (a revert back to capitalism?), the need to consolidate power and the brutal use of the red army.

The Bolshevik’s first protocol was to create a socialist government. Lenin began by replacing the government of the capitalist class with the rule of the working people. This new socialist government was compiled of mass organizations called Soviets, councils democratically elected by workers, peasants and soldiers. One of the key functions of the socialist government, in Lenin’s view, was guaranteeing democracy for the working people. As opposed to a capitalist government which exists to ensure the
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