The Bomb And Its Impact On Hiroshima

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Imagine yourself in your office at Nicholls reading this paper. Then all of a sudden, BOOM! A bomb hit right there in Nicholls Quad. But then again, you wouldn’t know a bomb had dropped because you would be dead already. You would have been too close to the bomb explosion and would have just disappeared. Even though the novel Black Rain depicts Shigematsu and Yasuko as the main characters, the bomb is really what made this book. Without the atomic bomb, Shigematsu and Yasuko wouldn’t have anything this devastating to write about. That’s why I believe the bomb is the main character that generated many questions from people all over the world. Many people wonder why the United States dropped the bomb and if it was even necessary. In order to have any valid opinion about the bomb dropping on Hiroshima, it would be good to know why the U.S dropped it in first place. Dropping the bomb on Hiroshima was not an easy decision made by the United States President. President Truman wanted to end the war as quickly as possible with few casualties. (Donohue, Nathan) What many people do not know is that the bomb was also dropped to impress the Soviets and to persuade them to relax their grip on Eastern Europe. (Clare, John D) “After Germany 's surrender, tension mounted between the U.S. and the Soviet Union regarding the disposition of postwar Europe. The U.S. began worrying about the increased influence the Soviets would obtain if they joined the war against Japan in mid-August as
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