The Bombing Of Egypt 's Attack

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Heights to coincide with Egypt’s attack. The Syrians were able to make headway into Israeli territory, but within the span of three days Israel was also able to push Syria out of their territory and back behind the cease fire line. The Israeli’s then initiated a four-day counterstrike on the Egypt’s infrastructure. The Israeli Army first attacked the Syrian city of Damascus. Sadat ordered his troops to go on the offensive in order to capture two more strategic areas in the Sinai Peninsula. Sadat had hoped that doing this would make his position stronger when it came time for peace negotiations. The attack by the Egyptian’s was quickly put down. The Israeli’s counterattacked by crossing the Suez Canal and entering into Egypt. They advanced southward and westward to the city of Suez. The attack was carried out on Yom Kippur, which is the holiest day in the Jewish faith. That year the month of October was also the Ramadan, which is the Muslim’s holy month. The cease fire that had been established by the United Nations was broken on October 22 1973. On October 24 the Israeli’s completed their entrapment of Egypt’s Third Army and Suez. The result of this action was the escalation of tensions between The United States and The Soviet Union. Another ceasefire was established on October 25 in order to end the war.
The Failings of Israel in the Ramadan War Three members of the Israeli government, which included Prime Minister Golda Meir met on the morning of the Ramadan…
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