The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is one of the most talked about events in human history. It was the first and last time an atomic bomb was used in the history of the world. The bombing did not only mark the end of a battle with the Japanese but provided humanity a first-hand preview into the effects of the man-made device. Since the bombing there have been many discussions such as: who should possess such power, will mankind be the reason for its own demise, and why did America decide to use such a strategy against the Japanese. Those questions and many others will forever remain unanswered but history gives us a glimpse into what led America to such a tragic event. As most know, World War II began in 1939. The participants of World War II were: United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union, and China. The countries were divided up by two groups the Allies: United States, Great Britain, France, Soviet Union, and China and the Axis Powers: Japan, Italy, and Germany. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “the war was in many respects a continuation, after an easy 20-year hiatus, of the disputes left unsettled by World War I and the 40,000,000-50,000,000 deaths incurred during the war make it the largest and bloodiest war in history. (Hughes)” The atomic bomb contributed significantly to the death toll of WWII but its creation in America started right before WWII began. “Even before the outbreak of war in 1939, a group of…
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