The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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Thesis: Although the bombings on Japan caused many casualties they were justified by saving more lives than they extinguished. The Atomic Bomb was one of the most devastating and accomplishing feats our world has ever accomplished. Many people may argue that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not necessary and that we let it get way out of hand. This is a matter of opinion some believe that it destroyed to many lives without weighing all of the consequences. This may come as a surprise but although the bombings of Japan caused many casualties they were justified by saving many more lives than the “Little Boy” and “Fat Boy” extinguished. The Manhattan Project under the command of Leslie R. Groves. Groves was told that this would …show more content…

Oppenheimer was a theoretical physicist. Oppenheimer and Groves then selected a spot just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico this site was called Site Y. Here they brought in many of the greatest scientist of this time Enrico Fermi, Wigner, Compton, and Bohr. This group of men was tasked with coming up with the making and designing of the atomic bomb they came up with two methods; gun and implosion also known as fission weapons. There are two main types of nuclear bombs the fusion, which is a hypothetical pure fusion, and the fission bombs. The fission bomb is more commonly called the atomic bomb and the fusion bomb is more commonly called a Hydrogen Bomb of H-Bomb for short. These bombs are both made very differently and have different effects and blast sizes. These Bombs are very different in what they are made of and the how they are created. The fission bomb has two different styles of bombs the gun and the implosion. First, the “gun” it is called this because of the way it would look and work. There would be a large piece of sub-critical material at one end ad at the other would be another that would be shaped like a wedge and there would be a lot of TNT behind this wedge that would explode and when it explodes it will force the wedge into the other sub-critical piece of material which would make them go super-critical. This then creates the splitting of the atoms and the big blast. The fusion bomb has never actually been made before. It is purely hypothetical;

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