The Bombing Of Japan During The World War II

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World War II was a war that lasted about 6 years. Within these six years, many new advances took place. In order for countries to be able to have a chance, they would need to keep up with the new, and developing technology. Air technology was still fairly new before the war, but grew rapidly as the war progressed. On the same note, new water vessels were being invented, which allowed to war to grow into the seas. Submarines, U Boats, and other vessels allowed for this shift to occur. Tanks were new and developing during the war also. They were very expensive, but allowed for new advances on the battlefield into other countries’ territory. Lastly, World War II would have had a very different ending without the United States incorporation of Atomic and nuclear weaponry into the war. The bombing of Japan with this technology played a very important role in the development of modern warfare. As a result, World War II could resemble an industrial revolution throughout the world, due to the introduction of new discoveries in aircraft, aquatics, tanks, and atomic/nuclear weaponry. One of the unique features of World War II is that the war was fought in the air. Aircraft was abundant, and was being developed like never before in all of the countries fighting around the world. Many major countries had developed, and massed produced different types of aircraft. One of these countries was America. The United States developed the P-51 Mustang, which was a unique addition to the U.S.

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