The Bombing Of Oklahoma City

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The period between 1995 and 2005 is very memorable in America’s history. There are several incidences and occurrences that unfolded which helped in shaping and framing the current United States of America. The bombing of Oklahoma City is a major epic event that still lingers in the minds of most Americans. However, there is much to contemplate and deduce based on the incidence of 19th April 1995. The music industry also experienced drastic changes between this time frame and analyzing these changes is pivotal in understanding the history of America and may assist in predicting the changes to be expected within the next one decade. Evolution and advancement in technology are also a crucial part of the discussion of American history and the emergence of the digital era. It is, therefore, worth appreciating and acknowledging the past since it forms part of our identity. Timothy McVeigh was the main accuser in the case of Oklahoma City bombing. The bomb exploded during the early morning hours of 19th April 19, 1995. Despite being an ex-military officer, Timothy was the main conspirator, and he used a rented truck to bomb the downtown side of the Oklahoma City. The accused had parked the truck on the rear part of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, which is located in the downtown of Oklahoma City. According to the FBI, the powerful bomb mounted on the truck was made of a mixture of diesel fuel, agricultural fertilizers and traces of other chemicals ("Oklahoma City Bombing").
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