The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

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“In the early days of 1942 a spirit of unity gripped the nation” (Bohanon). Some say the slogan “Remember Pearl Harbor” best summed it up. Pearl Harbor was always expected to be remembered. Not for the good that came out of it, but for the awful violence that World War II started. Not many will look beyond the viewpoint of Pearl Harbor being attacked and many innocent people being killed, or the idea that it is the reason that the U.S. joined World War II. What most do not see is that there were benefits that did come out of Pearl Harbor, which did improve society. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was a tragic day in history, society benefited because the U.S. Navy was proven to be the world’s greatest navy, once World War II ended an economic boom was created, and the U.S. made atomic bombs.
On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor became the event that brought the United States into World War II. At 7:55 AM, the first Japanese wave arrived with four hundred eight warplanes, six aircraft carriers, and twenty warships. Unluckily, American fleets were delivering a fighter aircraft to Wake Island with aircraft carriers and a heavy cruiser, which left Pearl Harbor mostly unarmed (Laurie). Since the U.S. was unable to defend Pearl Harbor it forced the U.S. to contribute in World War II; “The Pearl Harbor attack so enraged the United States that American participation in the war until final victory was guaranteed” (Laurie). The attack on Pearl Harbor was and still is a tragic day

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