The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor Essay

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The bombing of Pearl Harbor was a very startling attack that altered American history. It is a significant moment in American history that will not be forgotten. This confrontation happened between America and Japan for different reasons that are presented in this paper. America and Japan had weak negotiations and communications, which led to the attack on Pearl Harbor; however, America reacted on the attack effectively. Because of these circumstances, the rival led to the bombing and destruction of Pearl Harbor, America showed the world how tall and proud it can stand after a silent, sneak attack; however, America may have been knocked down, but ultimately not defeated. The United States was a powerful country, but Japan felt they were superior to the United States. Initially, Japan took over China for raw goods and resources. Japan and took control over China (Pearl Harbor Timeline). In 1939, World War II began between England, Germany, and Japan. America had not join the war in the beginning (Pearl Harbor Timeline). “The tensions between Japan and the United States escalated until the United States decided to place an embargo on Japan” (Jason, Justin, Randy, etc.). “The United States made new trade sanctions that limited how Japan could trade their goods. This was because of Japan’s actions in war” (Pearl Harbor Timeline). Because of the Japanese Empire need for oil, the embargo caused a breakdown of negotiations between the United States and Japan (Pearl Harbor

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