The Bombing Of The Atomic Bomb

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In my personal opinion I feel that violence and death resulting of innocent people is never justified. On the subject of the Atomic bomb the force which was used may have been very destructive but I suppose that the message the U.S was sending to Japan was clear and heard. American politicians believed that it was a necessary use of force. President Truman gave the Japanese a warning before hand saying that if they did not surrender more destruction would come their way. It was said in the book that the bomb was needed to “shorten the war and save American lives” (293). Furthermore the politicians in U.S office stated that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were a necessary measure to flex their muscle on Japan and to convince Japan that “further resistances was suicidal” (293). These measures may have not been necessary if the U.S would have extended an olive branch to Japan. They did not go out of their way to try to make any type of effort for a diplomatic initiative to make peace even though Japan did try to make some sort of peace with the U.S at some point during these events. The United States did not trust any effort made by the Japanese. It was said by Stalin that the “United States had a weapon of unusual destructive force” (291). If the Japanese would have surrendered and complied with the Potsdam Declaration then this measure would have not been needed to be taken. The Japanese ignored the warnings of the United States so on August 6th the Atomic bomb took place.
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