The Bombing Of The United States

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September 11,2001, it was a tragic day across the country of United States, from New York all the way too California. Everyone took one moment of silence as one whole nation that day and work was cancelled as everyone starred at Television watching the news to find out more information on what happened to their country. The attack on the U.S. changed everything from that day forward. This attack opened up new acts and change our national security. The American people and people in other countries were devastated, and a serious action had to be taken in place to protect the citizen from another attack. This terrorist attack will change the world to focus on global terrorism and starting a war in the middle east. The war that will take…show more content…
This attacked also caused bagging screening at airport and metal detectors to be placed at all airports and now there are air marshal that fit in with regular citizen. This also helps us with airport policy and make it much harder to take a weapon of any kind on to an airplane. The airport spent over Billion dollars around the world to protect their passengers and making flights safer for their customers. The terrorist attack that killed 2,997 people including the hijackers. This is the largest terrorist attack in America history. This also caused 6,000 people that were injured in the process and caused ten billion in property and infrastructure and three trillion in total cost. They were 266 people on the flight including the hijackers but some people were killed before the plane crashed. There were people jumping out of the tower because they had nowhere to go or hope of surviving and it is tragic scene. There were police officers, firefighters and paramedics that died trying to help people that were trapped in the building but it collapses on the people on the bottom floor. This caused chaos for New York City with debris flying everywhere and smoke everywhere in the air causing some people to get injured from smoke. This caused a huge 9/11 memorial museum to be placed in New York. People around the world come to the U.S. to see this memorial.
After 9/11, less than a month after this happened U.S

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