The Bombing Of The United States

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On September 11, 2001, multiple airplanes were hijacked by 19 militants linked with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda, against buildings and landmarks in the United States. The terrorist’s boarded four aircrafts at three East Coast airports, and soon after takeoff, they were able to successfully hinder the crews. The hijackers then took control of the aircraft, all “large and bound” for areas across the country with filled fuel tanks . At 8:46 am the first plane, American Airlines flight 11, which had originated from Boston was piloted into the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York . In addition, the second plane, United Airlines flight 175, also from Boston, hit the south tower 17 minutes later . The two towers were “badly damaged by the impact and erupted” into flames . Some individuals who were trapped in the higher floors of the building were essentially left with no choice than to jump to their deaths instead of burning in the “infernos raging” inside the towers. The third plane, American Airlines flight 77, which departed from an airport near Washington, D.C., hit the southwest side of the Pentagon at 9.37 a.m., causing mass destruction and raging fires . The fourth hijacked airplane, United Airlines flight 93, which departed from Newark, New Jersey, crashed close to Shanksville, Pennsylvania after passengers attempted to subdue their attackers . Unfortunately, at 9:59 am the World Trade Center’s “heavily damaged” south tower gave in and collapsed and

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