The Bombing Of The United States

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Terrorist attacks happen all over the world, creating a sense of hysteria and panic to the people surrounding the tragic events. The third most horrific attack in history, in my opinion, happened on 23 October 1989 in Beirut. A Marine barracks was bombed in Beirut, Lebanon killing 220 Marines and 21 other service personnel. This attack was considered to be the deadliest attack to the U.S. Marines since the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945 (CNN, 2015). The bombing was traced back to the Hezbollah militant group along with Iranian and Syrian involvement. Colonel Timothy Geraghty, the commander of the barracks, after much criticism for having lackadaisical security said that it was hard to defend the compound due to local airport traffic. Countermeasure ideas for the Reagan administration were divided. Some said the president should deepen involvement in the Middle East while others feared doing that would lead to a trajectory similar to that of Vietnam. Ultimately, Reagan followed the advice of Secretary Weinberger that if we weren’t in it to win it, then we shouldn’t go to war (FoxNews, 2013). Reagan withdrew the troops in Lebanon and chose to not get involved in the Middle East. It has been over thirty years since the barrack bombing, and this attack is still considered one of the top terror attacks of all time. In fact, the Tamil Tigers performed a copycat attack a few years after this attack. When other terrorists mimic a particular attack, it is an indication of an
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