The Bombing Of The United States

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On the fateful day of May 13th 1985, the police decided to bomb the compound of the radical, motivated organization called MOVE. Leading up to the final confrontation, MOVE had been involved in many standoffs with the Philadelphia police and city government. Regardless of the complexity of the situation, there are no circumstances when dropping a bomb onto a residential neighborhood onto a house, full of men, women, and children, would be acceptable. The officials commanding the operation lacked a display of consideration for human lives, and also respect for the neighboring people and properties surrounding the MOVE compound. The MOVE bombing also epitomizes larger issues of both racial and class prejudices that are prevalent in American…show more content…
Perhaps one of the clearest instances of conflict between MOVE and mainstream United States society is the bombing of the MOVE house in West Philadelphia in 1985. Unfortunately, this was not the first time there was confrontation between MOVE and the police. In fact, tension between the MOVE radicals and the Philadelphia Police Department had been brewing since the early 1970s. MOVE also proved to be a disturbance to their neighbors on the 6200 block of Osage, although this was their intention. MOVE didn’t view their actions as disturbances, but instead as calling attention to gross levels of racial and economic inequality in the United States. Despite MOVE’s intentions, the police department often got complaints about the MOVE members yelling profanities out of a megaphone while walking across their fortified rooftop bunker with guns in hand. According to an interview with displaced residents located in archival records at Temple University, Charmaine Alexander, a neighbor of the MOVE compound, says, “The MOVE members were on bullhorn from midnight to five a.m.; since we lived only three houses down, we couldn’t sleep”. Charmaine also continued to list different instances where MOVE had not only confrontation and tension with the police and City of

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