The Bond Between Humans and Dogs in Jack London's The Call of the Wild

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The Relationship between Humans and Dogs
As the dogs pull the sleigh with all their might through the thick winter snow, they are forced to move forward by the “Law of the Club” in the fictional book, The Call of the Wild by Jack London. In the novel, London describes how a pet dog, Buck, is introduced to the wild. Buck is familiar with the dull boring life in the Santa Clara Valley, but now he is challenged into the wild. The Call of the Wild shows how there is a codependence between humans and dogs, demonstrates how humans take advantage of dogs for their personal needs, and describes how relationships between snow dogs and humans are short.
First, London depicts how dogs and humans depend on each other to survive in the Yukon.
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London shows us how dogs and humans depend on each other when traveling through the Yukon and this also reveals how they can create a bond. Secondly, London demonstrates in the story how most people use dogs for their own personal needs. For example, many people use dogs to travel to the Yukon to find gold; after finding gold, they sell their dogs. Other people use dogs as currency. In the beginning of the book, Manuel sells Buck because he is in debt from gambling. When Manuel steals Buck and meets a stranger, “This man talked with Manuel, and money chinked between them” (pg. 2). This demonstrates how some people will sell their own or somebody else’s dog just to get money, without considering the dog’s emotion. Dogs are also used as an advantage when people take them to the Yukon. In the middle of the book, when Hal, Charles, and Mercedes own Buck and the others dogs, they do not even sacrifice their tent for the dogs, “However in the world could I manage without a tent?”(pg. 2). They do not remove the tent and go on whipping the dogs, but whipping does not work at all. Jack London shows how people take advantage of dogs for their own needs.
Next, London enumerates how the relationship between humans and dogs is temporary and often fades away. Some humans have to sell their dogs for money or they just sell them because they do not need them anymore. Francois and Perrault have a respected relationship with the dogs, but they sell them to the
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