The Bond Between Women in Williams Shakespeare's Literautre

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Women have been often looked at as the one’s who use their words to fight and are quick to hold a grudge against other’s but this isn’t true if one looks at the friendship between women. Women hold their friendships close to their hearts and go through the best and worst of times together, it could also be the concept of how women need to stick together in order to survive. The bond between women is something that cannot be broken by any means and will last a lifetime, this is due to the heavy reliance on emotional connects that they share. Desdemona and Emilia in Othello, the Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare show this bond between women through Shakespeare’s use of foreshadowing. As Desdemona begins to realize her fate she tells her…show more content…
Although some may think a friend is betraying them in a sense, they may actually helping them in the long run. In A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, the characters Nora and Kristine undergo such a situation and through foreshadowing Ibsen show’s this. After Nora does the unthinkable and forges a signature, her state of being is in danger due to Korgstad. Her whole reason behind it was to help her husband that she loved with all her heart, but when it all came down to the end she realised it was all for nothing. Torvald almost digs his grave when he tells her “That’s right, we’ll take it on together, Nora, as man and wife” (2.1584). He was setting up some kind of miracle for her that he would accept what she had done but when he didn’t she realised that she really didn’t even know him, let alone know herself. But what helped for Nora to truly get to this point of understand she needed to have a push from her friend Kristine, “This terrible secret has to come out. They have to have a complete understanding between them. it’s time for all this lying and pretending to stop” (3.1597). Kristine had realised just how unhappy Nora had become even if Nora herself didn't realise it, so she had to be the one to push Nora into figuring out for herself just how unhappy she really was. When Nora’s merical doesn’t come true and she finally gathers that the whole marriage was just her acting as Torvald’s doll and doing what he wanted of her, she finally saw that she

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