The Bond Created between Mother and Baby through Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding creates an emotional attachment with the mother and the baby. Breastfeeding is the healthiest choice for your baby if you can. It provides the exact amounts of the vitamins, fats, and nutrition at just the right temperature. You don’t have to worry about the questionable packaging for formula or contaminants for water you mix it with each day. Breast milk provides immunity and antibodies that are huge benefits to your baby. In fact, when you are exposed to the germs when you are breastfeeding, not only does your body fight off the illness, this benefit is transferred to your baby when you breastfeed. In fact, the thymus gland, which is the part of the immune system, is twice as big in 4-months-old babies as babies that are not breastfed. The benefits of breastfeeding do not stop once it ends either. The benefits continue through childhood. Breastfed infants are shown to have a lower risk of developing allergies, obesity, diabetes, and metabolic diseases than non-breastfed infants. Breastfeeding not only impacts the women's weight later in life but also can reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes. It also helps new moms loose weight faster. It also lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancers among the mothers who breastfed their children. Breastfeeding should be mandatory for the mothers who have the ability to feed their newborns with their milk. They should also be thought the correct procedure to breastfeed an infant at the hospital as a law at the right
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