The Bond That Links Your True Family

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American writer, Richard Bach once expressed “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other 's life.” The novel Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese, which centers on a broken family at a medical center in Ethiopia. As time goes on the family grows and the eldest boy, Marion, moves to America to become a surgeon, the relationships he forms throughout his life come back and alter his life. In this novel, many family bonds are shown, these bonds not only affect the individuals in each union but also affect the conclusion of the novel. First and foremost, Marion and Shiva have a sturdy bond with each other that is almost unbreakable. Instantly, they are born together as twins conjoined at the head, this being just the beginning of their special relationship. Soon after they egress from the womb, they are abstracted into two individual human beings. Even though they become separate at the head, they still have that rare brotherly bond that most people do not experience. Nevertheless, Marion and Shiva are still one entity growing up together. They are so close to each other that people call them ShivaMarion. As they grow up the bond they share diminishes a bit. Of course, the twins become more independent as the book goes on; however, when Ghosh is diagnosed with cancer, they bring back the strong bond they have always had. Growing up, Marion and Shiva always slept together until they became older. With Ghosh on the brink of

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