The Bonds Of The Confederacy

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For the title of my research paper I think I will give a very clear but interesting title I don 't want to make the title very witty or funny because I feel that it could deduct from this significant feature of american history and culture I am thinking of potentially titling the paper “The Bonds of the Confederacy”

I hope that my research into the history of confederate war bonds will show that at the time the bonds seemed like a good idea to fund the confederacy but in hindsight the were not extremely effective in funding the confederate army There are multiple questions that I would like to address in the process of writing this research paper For example, how effective where the bonds at funding the confederacy at the beginning of the war? How effective where the bonds at funding the confederacy at the end of the war? How many of these bonds where sold and a what price where they sold at? How would one go about redeeming these bonds after the prescribed holding time? What was the money raised by these bonds used for by the Confederate states of America? How where to bonds made and how where they sold? These are the questions I want to answer regarding the war bonds, and I feel that there is more than enough information to answer all of these

I am interested in researching these bonds because I have grown up seeing them in my house For as long as I can remember, my family has always had 4 prints of these bonds hanging in our house After having looked at these bonds
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