The Boogeyman

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Boogeyman Summary The three children of the separated family father Lester Billings are dead, like a psychiatrist tells, killed by the Boogeyman. The worst thing for Billings is that he has suspected that, when his first child died, and was sure, when his second child died. Still he admitted that the Boogeyman took his third child. Now he believes that the Boogeyman will take him too, and he is afraid to open his closets at home. His psychiatrist, Dr.Harper understands him well, too well. At the entering to the lobby, there is no one to help him and when he return into the room, Lester Billings finds the psychiatrist taking off his mask to show him that he is the boogeyman, the person who had killed his three children. Point of…show more content…
Billings feels that he has no reason to consult a priest or a lawyer because he is not a catholic and he does not believe that he has done anything wrong. At the same time we see throughout the whole story that words like “Jesus”, “Christ” and “god” often are used in his speech. This obvious contradiction shows us that Billing has an unstable personality. He is very self centered and arrogant in way of behaving towards other people. He feels superior to women and talks openly and calmly about being a wife batter and a child abuser,“…I started to slap her, just like the old days.” This demonstrates his need to be in control, but at the same time we see that he is liable to change personality and therefore in a position to act unpredictably. “He looked at the plain white composition ceiling as if seeing scenes and pictures played out there” . The fact that Billings has a strong imagination makes us wonder if he might have a split personality or if he is just filled with fear that makes him paranoid. His many hallucinations reinforce the idea of him being paranoid and not being in control of his actions. One of the first things we hear Billings say is that he killed all his children, he says : “All I did was kill my kids.” He shows how relaxed he is about the killings. We are at the same time

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