The Boogeyman

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The Boogeyman In Stephen King’s short story ‘The Boogeyman’ we are introduced to Lester Billings, a young man, who is visiting a psychiatrist for the simple reason of telling the story of how he killed his three kids. Lester Billings explains that he didn’t kill them himself, but that he was responsible. His story begins with the marriage between his wife Rita and himself. He describes their marriage as happy, but there is many examples indicating the contrary. The relationship between Lester and Rita is very unequal and Rita is being quite repressed by Lester. He doesn’t think she has a right to decide things, because she is a woman and he describes himself as ‘brighter’ than her. He also explains how he got ‘the last word’, whenever…show more content…
The horror genre is the subsequent development of the gothic taking the evilness, which exists in both genres, to the extreme grisly kind of
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