The Boogeyman

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“The Boogeyman” - Stephen King (1978) Summary: Lester Billings, the father of three children is talking to a shrink. He seems mentally disturbed. His first two children died of mysteriously courses, but both of the children had cried boogeyman right before their death. After Lester had his third son, one night the son screams and Lester sees that a boogeyman is killing his son, but Lester doesn’t help his son, instead he runs away and when he returns his son is dead. When Lester Billings leaves his shrink, he sees that the shrink is actually the boogeyman. Their marriage: Lester and Rita Billings' marriage has probably never been characterized by equality. He is the kind of man who believes that women's station in life is to…show more content…
They take many shapes and perhaps everybody has got one. Perhaps the doctor simply wears the mask of the boogeyman in the end, as a representative of LB's personal internal conflict. The boogeyman lives in our subconscious mind, it lives in children’s minds- in their fantasy. Small children are the most sensitive about fear. They need their parents’ protection and you cannot get too overprotective to children at that age. Lester cannot realise this. That is why he has to pay with the most precious in life- his own children and finally his own life. "I started to think, maybe all the monsters we were scared of then we were kids, Frankenstein and Wolfman and mummy, maybe they were real. Real enough to kill kids that were supposed to have fallen into gravel pits and drowned in lakes or were just never found. Maybe…" The Boogeyman represents many things, such as, anger, fear and paranoia. You think that it is only children who are afraid of "boogeymen", but in this story we see that also adults get afraid and paranoid and believe that there is something in the closet, under the bed, down in the basement etc. It is fear of the unknown and the superstitions, which every human being has thought about, but some gets very paranoid and they think something is out to get them. I think King’s stories also appeal to the
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