The Book ' Behind The Beautiful Forevers '

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What would it be like to live in a slum or a dump and pick up garbage for a living? I am sure not many people around here have experienced that or know what it is like. Reading the book and watching the film just goes to show how nice we actually have it here and why we should never complain. It’s very interesting to learn about other cultures and the way people live. Studying human geography shows all of the different viewpoints of people’s lives and what they do in order to make a living. I thought the book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, was very interesting, but sad, to read. It is based on a slum near an airport in Mumbai, which is India’s largest city. Abdul Husain, the main character in the book, is a garbage sorter that supports…show more content…
Let me tell you, there are many themes and concepts that tie into it. The book, for the most part, has a lot to do with corruption. Fatima, the lady that lives in a hut right next to them, poured kerosene all over her head and then accused Abdul for threatening her. Because of that, Abdul gotten beaten and got thrown into a jail cell along with his father. They had to deal with many judges and lawyers, and it took even longer because Fatima’s husband kept telling lies about the whole story, even though he wasn’t even there to see what truly happened. “She told me that they held her by the neck and beat her with a big stone” (Boo, 209). In the end, the last judge they had for trial decided that the Husians were, in fact, innocent. The second theme of Human Geography in this book/film is the location on where they live. It’s in a run-down place where there is garbage everywhere, especially in Wasteland. Because of where they live, most of the people pick garbage up in order to make money for themselves. It isn’t the safest place to live. For example, “Annawadi kids were always getting hit on the chaotic roads- usually, while crossing a treacherous intersection to get to Marol Municipal School” (Boo, 63). People are always getting in fights or killing their selves because of the people around them and the environment in which they live. That isn’t always their own fault, though. Which leads me into the third theme, poverty. Most of the people
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