The Book ' Brave New World '

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Aws Aldajan
Prof. Steven Schlesinger
Philosophy 112

In the book Brave New World by Aldous Leonard Huxley, there are many topics covered about the world, freedom, and men. One of the topics discussed is the theory of evolution. There are many arguments presented about how the world and people evolved. There are different arguments created by creationists and evolutionists. For the creationists, everything is created by a creator such as God and that matter was formed by him to create the earth and even people on earth as well as other creatures in the universe. On the other hand, the evolutionists do not believe in creation, and they argue that everything evolved from their old forms to their new forms now. Another topic presented is the discussion about freedom which evolutionists believed not to exist since matter is not free and it is governed by laws of nature and that includes people and all living things and non-living things in the whole universe. However, creationists would tell otherwise. This proves that evolutionists and creationists have a different perspective in how all things are formed and how they are going to be.
Creationists view are opposite of the evolutionists view in many ways. The creationist’s question where matter comes from but the evolutionists would answer that it does not come from any place. The evolutionists would even ask the creationists where God came from since if everything comes from something, then God must come from something else and
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