The Book Endure: The Voyage of Shackleton and his Crew

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Endurance is a novel that explains the giant failure of a trans-Antarctic expedition. The entire operation was led by bold and brave man by the name of Sir Ernest Shackleton. The purpose of the expedition was to attempt to cross the Antarctic continent in the year 1914. It was an outrageous and at some points, a hopeless struggle for survival for Shackleton and his crew. He had a crew of twenty-eight strong and noble men, which were resilient and determined on this journey, of about two years. The book’s title, Endurance, is also the ship Shackleton and his crew used on the expedition. The ship was unfortunately crushed by the ice very early in the men’s journey, leaving them stranded on drifting ice, for about a year, but that was just the beginning.

The voyage of Shackleton and his crew was one of many obstacles and complications. Ice is one of the many kinds of danger the Endurance crew came face to face with throughout their adventurous journey. People who are uneducated about how ice can be dangerous won’t understand the level of danger these men were in on a daily basis. One cannot even begin to understand the threat they were in; the stories don’t even do justice to kinds of things these men encountered.

Antarctica has one of the only two polar ice caps on the planet Earth. It is called the Antarctic ice sheet and it covers about 98% of the Antarctic continent. Wikipedia says this is the largest ice mass on Earth; it covers about 5.4 million square miles, and is

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