The Book Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton, Is Not A Happy One.

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The book Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton, is not a happy one. You realize this fact from the very first chapter as you meet the tragic hero of the story. The dark tragedy that looms over the story is further emphasized when you are shown how things came to be, but you already know the outcome. As you read and see for yourself the sequence of event, gaps are filled in and a theme emerges from within the story. You see the world through Ethan’s eyes and it becomes easy to tell that his inward desires often clashes with the harsh reality of external circumstances. Whether those circumstances are social issues, financial, environmental, or all of the above it’s a theme that recurs often in Ethan’s life. One instance where this theme presents …show more content…

Most of the smart ones get away.’ ” When the narrator asks why he didn’t he’s told about how Ethan had to care for his father, then his mother, then his wife, and then there was the smash up. He’s told about how Ethan just always had to stay, about how, “ ‘ I guess it’s always Ethan done the caring.’ ” Aside from wanting to leave the town Ethan had another desire, a desire to leave his wife and join with Mattie Silver. These desires were also crushed by reality. First it was the reality of social issues. It was not right to leave you ill wife incapable of helping herself for her cousin. Even with that reality Ethan still carried his desire, not yet letting it be stamped out. Perhaps the biggest obstacle was Zeena, the wife herself. Although ill she was suspicious and did not make life easy on Ethan or Maddie. She kept Ethan poor by spending his money on trips for doctors and remedies, and she kept Mattie in line because she controlled the girls fate. Zeena became a more aggressive obstacle when she decided to replace Mattie, permanently separating the two. Still Ethan protected his desire by desperately making plans. Unfortunately his plans were thwarted, when he could not convince Zeena to change her mind nor could he summon the funds to elope with Mattie and move West. Once again he was being thwarted by external forces. Ethan was desperate but he was tied hand and foot, his desires unable to come true because of his situation. He tried to keep his

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