The Book Flapper by Joshua Zeitz

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For a better understanding, a flapper would typically be a young girl who blurred the gender roles by taking on a more masculine lifestyle. They wore their hair short, drank and smoked frequently, and explored their sexuality. With this behavior, it didn’t destroy their femininity; it just simply provided the society’s perception of what a woman should and should not be.
The story starts off with a hopelessly romantic side. It all begins by learning about a seventeen year old girl named Zelda and a First Lieutenant named Francis Scott Fitzgerald who is known to who they became to be in modern day history. Zelda can be classified as a wild child. Her summer tan gave her skin the color of a rose petal, her hair was gold, and her eyes seemed to change color with her prismatic moods. Scott Fitzgerald was an individual who spent four years at Princeton without earning his undergraduate degree. He gave little contribution to classroom discussions, and was lazy in all things but reading and writing. In this novel, Joshua Zeitz is able to educate the readers on the becoming of new women in America. Zeitz is also able to inform the readers on the evolution and growth of the liberties associated with the new American women. As one of the themes in the first section of the book, Zeitz develops a concept by discussing and analyzing the life of CoCo Chanel. She was a French…
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