The Book Flatland Is Based On A Two Dimensional World

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The book Flatland is based in a two-dimensional world that explores a one-dimension world, albeit briefly, and a three dimension world. On face value it seems as it is just a mathematical fiction book about a two-dimensional world, but a closer look shows the use of satire to tackle the crude social aspects of Victorian England. Before you can truly understand the profoundness of this book you should understand the author, who originally wrote it under the pseudonym A. Square. The real author is Edwin A. Abbott.

Edwin A. Abbott, the Author of Flatland Edwin Abbott Abbott was born in England on December 20, 1838 to Jane Abbott and Edwin Abbott. He was born into a time where groundbreaking theories in physics were changing the
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They were threaten by the idea of equality and dissolution of class structure. They killed the leader of the Colour Revolt, to cease the rise of equality. Then at the end they sentenced the main character to jail because he spoke of a world they did not believe in. Edwin died at the age 87 on October 12, 1926 in London.

Overview of the Book (Abbott, 1884) The book is mainly set in a two-dimensional world called Flatland. It does make visits to the three-dimensional world called Spaceland, and the one-dimensional world Lineland. The narrator is a square from Flatland called A. Square. As a square he is a member of the class of gentlemen and professionals.
The first chapter of the book is how the residents of flatland see each other. All the Flatlanders see is lines. The lines have some shading so they can infer what shape the other person is. Part 1 of the book shows how Flatland operates. The men in Flatland have anywhere between three sides to ten-thousand. The lower number of sides, means you are in a lower class. The isosceles triangles are the lowest class. Then the equilateral triangles, squares and so on. There are no true circles in flatland, but the highest class member have so many sides that they are considered circles. Women are straight lines. They have their own set of laws to appease the men. Women must shake or do a

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