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What is happiness? The answers are endless, some people finding something more relatable than others. In the United States, we are given the freedom of speech, and everyone has his or her own opinion. Based on opinion it makes the world a different place. We are not all the same which is better. Happiness is something that can be taken it different ways, like the way it looks and feels but scientist and personal experiences show how it really is. Personally what makes me the happiest is on sports. Playing gives me a sense of something that nothing else can. But my roommate for example her happiness is reading.
On the lacrosse field, I forget about everything that upsets or bothers me and let it free. It is the one place where nothing else matters in that moment but the sport I am playing. No thoughts of school, family issues, or anything to bother my play.
A couple years ago, I was assigned to watch a movie called Happy. Happy is a documentary that explores the globe in search of what really makes people happy, taking real life stories and sharing what makes them happy truly happy. From tragedy to every day life, these people never let anything get in their way and want to live a life a pure happiness. Then recently I was reassigned to watch for this essay but watching it with a different point of view this time. Throughout the film, researchers stressed that physical activity is important to beat depression and to gain more happiness. The creation of dopamine occurs when
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