The Book ' Harmful On Minors ' By Judith Levine

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In the book 'Harmful to Minors ', the author Judith Levine asserts that the consensus regarding children’s sexual experiences arose out of a growing fear during the 1970s and 80s. In a time of increasing social and economic anxiety, feminist concerns about pornography and child abuse meshed with the anti-sexual leanings of the Right. With scare-mongering stories about satanic sex-rings, a frequent occurrence in the media, these two groups caused a move away from liberal sex education and towards unrealistic abstinence-only programs. The conservatives push their agenda by funding programs and public policies that would teach children that, their only way to protection is to go from chastity to abstinence. They take control of the law, the language, and the cultural consensus; the acknowledgment of children 's sexual desires and experiences become unrecognized -- that it does not happen, and if it does happen, then it should be stopped -- causes more harm to minors than good. Levine 's claim still holds true today. The idea that sex is a normal and positive part of child and adolescent life is unspeakable in the American public forum. Chastity and abstinence education is evidence of such idea, and it is impractical, useless, negative, and ideological. Sex education in this country abandons children (teens in particular) to learn about their sexuality on their own by trial and error. Rather than treat intimate sexual relationships as a positive component of healthy

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