The Book ' Hell '

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1. Descriptive Answer:
Is there a hell and why? This a question that has crossed every individuals mind at least once in their life. This philosophical question is important because it provides us with an answer as to what happens in the afterlife.
In today’s world the idea of hell is sometimes hard to fathom. The horrific and disturbing images that have been portrayed through out movies, religious artwork, television, and stories have drastically influenced our perceptions of hell. It is even sometimes looked upon as a joke and taken too lightly. It also provides people with a sense of fear and motivation to live their lives righteously in order to avoid this fate. In the bible, hell is described as a very real place that it used as punishment for those who keep Christ out of their lives. In, Exploring the Philosophy of Religion, hell is described as a place alienated from all things good, hopeful, and loving in the world. In simpler words, hell, the opposite of heaven.
Hell must exist because heaven exists and heaven must exist because hell exists. There is always a yin to a yang. The balance of good and evil is necessary in the world. The concept of hell makes people appreciate the life they have been given by God and it is an incentive to lead a good life. Being able to live a damned life is the ultimate exercise of our free will. In turn, one must suffer the repercussions.
As we think of the concepts of heaven and hell, and what it takes to reach either of these…
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