The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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Lance Hair Foster English IV 28 April 2017 Adversity overcame in Night’ The book Night by Elie Wiesel is a novel about a young man 's’ journey through the holocaust and all of the adversities he faces and overcomes. It briefly talks about his life prior to he and his family being taken from their homes.The novel then tells us about the awful journey Eliezer, the main character, goes through while being a victim of the holocaust. The book is placed in a holocaust camp for the most part, but it starts off in Hungary which is where Eliezer and his family is from. The story is based in one main concentration camp and towards the end they are forced to go to another concentration camp. . The book talks about everything Eliezer experiences…show more content…
They are hitting the women who will not stop talking about her visions of fire. This is foreshadowing all of the prisoner on prisoner violence that is yet to come. “One day when Idek was venting his fury, I happened to cross his path. He threw himself on me like a wild beast, beating me in the chest, on my head, throwing me to the ground and picking me up again, crushing me with ever more violent blows, until I was covered in blood. As I bit my lips in order not to howl with pain, he must have mistaken my silence for defiance and so he continued to hit me harder and harder.” (page 64) This is the first time Eliezer himself is subject to violence. He is beaten by the meanest guard at the camp. He was being silent to not seem weak and that lead to him being beaten even worse. He has to overcome this type of beatings every day because of how harsh life in the camps are. They were subject to beatings at anytime that the guards felt they needed to let out some rage. Eliezer is whipped solely because he watches Idek, the Kapo, have sex with a polish girl. He is told he will be whipped much worse if he ever tells anyone what he saw. He is whipped solely because he accidentally walked up and saw something. He had a lot of unfortunate physical adversities that he had to overcome. He did survive all of the beatings so far so he has overcome every violent thing that has occurred.
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