The Book Night Of The Living Dead : Is It The Mentality Of Kill Or Be Killed?

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In the event of a zombie apocalypse, there is the mentality of kill or be killed. Those who are killed are turned from living, breathing humans into a zombie, a shell that barely resembles the individual it once was. In the film Night of the Living Dead, as well as in all zombie movies, the walking dead are portrayed as mindless animals who prey on the humans around them and are “condemned to wander aimlessly across an empty, ruined earth” (Paffenroth 18). This perspective is duplicated in the way society views the obese. Society views the obese as mindless subhumans whose fat outward appearance hardly mirrors that of their thin self that should exist instead. This paper will examine the loss of identity and dehumanization that accompanies the notion of zombies in Night of the Living Dead and how this relates to the American attitude regarding obesity. Changing from human to zombie is, usually, a slow, painstaking process where the life of the infected slowly leaves them. They become only a shell of who they once were. Their body and face resembles that their former self, but in a grotesque new form. Their mental processes match that of a mindless monster. This process leads the victim to lose his/her identity to the monster taking over. In Night of the Living Dead, the Coopers’ daughter is slowly transformed from human to zombie. Her zombified form lacks the mental functions and identity that society views as human. This parallels the way in which modern American culture…
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