The Book Night by Elie Wiesel Essay

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Title: Night Author: Elie Wiesel Genre: Autobiography Setting: Night takes place in Germany during the Holocaust. The majority of the book is taken place in various concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Characterization: Eliezer- Eliezer or Elie is the narrator of Night. Elie enters Auschwitz as a teenager along with his family. He stays close to his father and becomes the protector as the book progresses. Elie’s faith is constantly challenged and sometimes damaged in the book. Elie is strong and is good-hearted because he never gives up on his father and survives the Holocuast. Schlomo- Schlomo is Elie’s father and a respected Jewish leader back home. Schlomo is poor, quiet, shy and awkward. He barely spoke and…show more content…
Meir Katz is brave because he saves Elie’s life on one occasion after someone tries to strangle him. Meir Katz later dies. Rabbi Eliahou- Eliahou is an old rabbi that was well-known and was kind and pure. He gets separated from his son in the book and Elie later finds out that his son actually trying to get away from Eliahou because he didn’t want to take care or worry about his father anymore. Stein- Stein is very small in size. Stein is related to Elie and encounters him in Auschwitz. He ask for news about his family and Elie lies to him in order to spare him hurt and pain. Dr. Josef Mengele- Mengele is a SS officer at the camp and he has the responsibility of choosing those who are unqualified to work. He is mean and dark- hearted. Plot Summary: Eliezer is a young Jewish boy who studies the Kabbalah and wants his faith to evolve. Elie, along with many other Jews just before the Holocaust, was warned early about the terrible occurrences going on in Germany against the Jews. The Jews new something was going on but were reluctant to accept the reality of the situation. The Jews were taken on a train to Birkenau untold of the hell on earth they were about to encounter known as Auschwitz. Elie enters with his father, mother, and sister. At the camp Elie is separated from his mother and sister later finding out they were killed. Throughout the story roles switch as Elie must become the protector of his father
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