The Book Of Daniel By William Shea

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Brief Overview The book of Daniel by William Shea is a fascinating and interesting book that explains in a clear and distinguished manner an interpretation of the book of Daniel and apocalyptic prophecy in general. Thorough, historical research forms the basic solid formation of this book, combined with thorough and expansive exegesis of the concepts; although the details of the exegesis are not clearly written out so as to promote the central ideas of the book more thoroughly. Central Ideas Given the central concept of this book is so expansive it is hard to nail down a few points so I start with the central concept of what I believe that Shea is getting across: the themes of Daniel are rooted deeply in both Jewish history as well as general history, presenting a picture of the Sanctuary and the transcendence of God that invites people into the love of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Establishing this central concept of the book differentiates it clearly from other books that take the historical-critical approach to interpreting prophecy. All this concept is throughout the book, I want to share one, short quote that particularly, in my opinion, deals with this concept: “There will come a time when He will set up His kingdom, and His kingdom is going to be different from any that humanity has seen previously. Not only will it be different in character, being based upon love and justice and grace, but it will also be different in terms of time.”
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