The Book Of Genesis Is Submerged With Revelation

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The Book of Genesis is submerged with revelation(s) which shows similarities between the first Adam(s) and the last Adam(s). Revelation is the knowledge which the owner of the land gives unto his subjects to execute his purpose in the land, in his place, see John 16:7-16; As the first Adam is the son of God, see Luke 3:38. The last Adam is God the Son, see Hebrews 1:8. Adam was given the knowledge to execute the Father’s purpose in the garden, this is a type of revelation, see Genesis 2:15-19. Adam is the prince of this word, he owns the land by inheritance, and obeys the will of the Father, by operating in the spirit of revelation, see Genesis 2:17. When is, the inheritance given to Adam, Genesis 1:26; says, “let them have dominion over ALL the earth.” The only thing that was greater than Adam was God’s word. God himself has now made himself subject to Adam decisions. In Genesis 2:17, Death here refers to dominion over principalities and powers, see Ephesians 1:19-23. When Adam disobeyed, “SIN” entered the world, and DEATH gained dominion over the ‘laws’ of Adam. Since God was in Adam, DEATH separated Adam from the Father because of the new law in his spirit, see Genesis 3:7 & 22. Adam was now “born again, but to death.” Thus, death entered the world and became “the new schoolmaster,” see Romans 5:12. Subsequently, God removes himself from the body of man, began his redemptive work, by reducing mans’ life to 120 years, see Genesis 6:3; and permitting the
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