The Book Of Jesus Today : Living Life As Jesus

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Is it possible to live a life as Jesus did in his time in our society today? In the book of ‘Jesus Today: Living Life as Jesus would’ by Marc Estes, the main character, Dave Finley, and his fictional story shows us how we could live our lives as Jesus did. Before coming to Christ, Dave was living a life full of emptiness, depression, loneliness, worries and discontent. It was not until he became a follower of Christ that he started to substitute the anxieties, emptiness, and brokenness of his heart with the love of God, and live a life more as Jesus would do it. Through the book, Dave passed through different circumstances that help him to become more like Jesus. As I read the book, I felt inspired not only by Dave’s story but also by the practical truths in each chapter. At the same time, I identified myself in some areas with the main character in his story.
As I went through the chapters, I got inspired by Dave’s way of thinking, response to God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, and actions. Dave did not stop being a follower of Christ, just because people make fun of or rejected him because he became a Christian. It inspired me to stand out more in my faith; not being afraid of what people might think or talk about me, worried for being labeled as a religious fanatic, or rejected for my beliefs. Dave also knew how to be a faithful and obedient servant. He turned to the Father and prayed to Him constantly. Besides, he asked the Holy Spirit for help and guidance and knew how…

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