The Book Of Job By Katharine Dell

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““There are some who say we are not truly human until we have suffered” 1 as said by Katharine Dell. There is also a though throughout the bible that God makes us suffer for our wrongdoings and past offenses. If this is so, then the protagonist of the Book of Job put both of these thoughts to the test while remaining faithful to God. Similarly to Job in “John” chapter nine, Jesus’ disciples question him in regards to human suffering and punishment from God. The idea of punishing a child for their parents sins is an over arching idea in the bible that acts as an explanation to why human suffer. Throughout the Biblical book of Job, despite Job’s friends’ belief of his wrongdoing, Job remains faithful while searching for a reason for his suffering; similarly Jesus’ disciples mirror Jobs friends as the question Jesus and search for answers surrounding human suffering in “John” nine. Throughout the Book of Job, Job’s friends question whether or not he has done wrong, and if he thinks he is right to question God about his suffering. One of Job’s friends, Bildad, claims that God rewards the good and punishes the evil.2 In Bildad’s mind Job is suffering for an offense he has committed against God, he does not think that God would be punishing a just man without proper cause. Bildad is not the only friend of Job to question him; many more friends come to question Job because they are convinced that Job must have done something sinful. They insist that God must be punishing him…

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