The Book Of Mark Is Not Written Down By Mark

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This passage, unlike any other, is considered to be the start of Jesus’ path to the cross. In the scripture, it tells of Jesus and his disciples going into the temple, after coming into the city. There they find people trading and selling animals. Jesus’ reaction is unsettling to those who observed and leave them marveled at his teaching. Jesus then questioned the temple about their intentions of their hearts. He continued to ask, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’?”(Mark 11:17, NRSV). When the priests heard of what had happened, they continued their search to find a way to kill him. After the uprising had settled, Jesus and his disciples left the city. Although this may seem like a random act on Jesus’ part, the encounter in the temple was so much more. The book of Mark was physically written down by Mark, but tells of the memoirs from Peter. Mark was written around 60 CE. At the time of the passage, the nation of Israel was suffering Gentiles. Because the audience was mostly Gentile, Mark had to take the words of Peter and translate meanings in a way the Gentiles would understand. Sadducees, one of the four sects of Judaism, were in charge and held the official positions of Israel. This would stand, as long as they can keep peace among the city and control the riots and uprights Jesus would eventually bring. Nero was ruler, a ruler very notorious for crucifying christians. Mark was known for his intercalations, which

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