The Book Of Revelations Is Divided Into These Sections

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The Book of Revelations is divided into these sections: I. Prologue (1:1-3) II. Letters to the Churches of Asia (1:4-3:22) III. God and the Lamb in Heaven (4:1-5:14) IV. The Seven Seals, Trumpets, and Plagues, with Interludes (6:1-16:21) V. The Punishment of Babylon and the Destruction of Pagan Nations (17:1-20:15) VI. The New Creation (21:1-22:5) VII. Epilogue (22:6-21) (The New American Bible) The Book of Revelations is the last book of the Bible. It has several extravagant symbolisms, symbolic language, and literary conventions that account for the apocalyptic literature. To understand the Book of Revelations adequately, we have to understand the historical background in which it was written. During the critical time that it was written, Christians were facing ruthless persecution of the early church by the Roman authorities. “The book is an exhortation and admonition to Christians of the first century to stand firm in the faith and to avoid compromise with paganism, despite the threat of adversity and martyrdom; they are to await patiently the fulfillment of God’s mighty promises.” (The New American Bible) The book creates a message of hope for God’s people and it remains valid and meaningful for Christians of all ages. “Revelation affirms Christianity’s original hope for an immediate transformation of the world and assures the faithful that God’s prearranged plan, including the destruction of evil and the advent of Christ’s universal reign, is soon to be accomplished.
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