The Book Of Romans By Paul Essay

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The Book of Romans was written in 60AD (Ross, 6). The author is very well known to be Paul, who also wrote 13 other New Testament epistles. The book of Romans was written by Paul from the city of Corinth (Ross, 6). Paul is a very inspirational character in the Bible, it is obvious to see why God used a man such as Paul. Paul had not always known the Lord, in fact he used to kill anyone who did claim to know the Messiah. Paul was radically converted and saved, from then on he lived his life proclaiming Christ to anyone who would listen. He traveled on three missionary journeys proclaiming the Gospel to all people, just as we are called to go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel. The book of Romans is one of the simplest books to read, it can be easily understood and is pretty straightforward. This book was addressed to the church in Rome, which was at the center of the city, a very big trading spot that held over one million people (Edwards, 1013). The church has already been established in Rome before Paul had been there, they ha a church for the Jews and a church for the Gentiles (BLB, 3). The book of Romans is written as a letter to the Roman church. The overall theme of the book is about the Gospel of Christ (Ross, 8). Paul wants his readers to know that they should not be ashamed by the Gospel and they will find righteousness in Christ. They must speak boldly about the Lord and find their confidence in Him. We must put the flesh to death and live by the Spirit
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