The Book Of The Harvest Of Empire By Juan Gonzalez

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Lost Identity
When I was a little girl my family taught me that everyone should be treated with respect, and every single person in the world should have the right to be themselves. I grew up in a society where everyone was treated with respect. Also we have the freedom to be ourselves. However, my grandparents, and even my parents face a different society, where people were treated with great injustice. Whenever they fly to the United States, and see their passports, my grandparents and my parents were treated completely different than American citizens were treated. There are a lot of definitions for the word injustice, but for me this word means the lack of rights and respect between an individual and society. In the book of The Harvest of Empire by Juan Gonzalez, illustrate two major Latin American groups that face social injustice. The Mexicans and Puerto Ricans fought and worked very hard to earn a name in America. Instead, there were a lot of discrimination of the Latino/ Latina culture and traditions. Therefore, Latinos used to be invisible in this country, and we are still fitting to overcome discrimination and make our voice heard.
Every “Latino/Latina” has the “American Dream”. Mexicans migrate to the United States to seek that dream of finding more opportunities in education, jobs, and a better life. The Mexican communities worked so hard, and gave everything to a country that did not care about them. In fact, in 1940, there were a lot of racism and
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