The Book Of The Homilies

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You may be asking what is the book of the homilies. The books of Homilies are two books that contain thirty-three sermons in all. These sermons reformed doctrines of “the Church of England in greater depth and detail (Wiki2016)”. The Homilies were used to teach Christian theology, as well as to give more practice in local congregations. It was also to improve the prior arrangements of two times a year events that were performed during the communion. Prior to that, the communion was only heard twice a year since they were written in Latin, leaving many that were illiterate and uneducated unable to read them. Yet, once the Homilies were written so they may be read on Sunday’s and any other holy day. The homily on Gluttony and Drunkenness…show more content…
Apostle Peter warns them as well that they all need to prepare themselves for all the sinful temptations that belong to the demons and not their holy God. This is how their faith will be tested. They saw drunkenness as begin almost like naked and unarmed in front of others. Still they question them, if they would not act like this in public, why would they act in this manner towards God? Thus any manner of gluttony or excess to anything is offensive to God. God was the Almighty and creator of all, he created them, drinks, all living creatures for all human beings to survive and have a comfortable life. Nevertheless, these creatures were his creation too also deserve to live as well, not to be used for greed, or amusement. That when they were not to be consumed for other than to feed their needs of life, (as food, drink, or appeal). If misused this is when it becomes a sin to God. They go on to say that they may tell these people apart just by looking at the way the clothing they wear if it is elegant, as well by their wealth, as well as spending on luxuries needed. Anything other than a living necessity was considered as a gluttony. Though at first with all that has been said they would restrain themselves from committing such crimes stated. Where St. Paul referred comparison of Gluttony & Drunkenness to those he called “the deeds of the flesh”, as well as worshiping idols or other than God, whoredom, and
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