The Book Out Of The Question : How Curious Leaders Win

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In their book titled Out of the Question: How Curious Leaders Win, the authors explain some of the traits great leaders have. Among them is that they don’t dictate. On the contrary, effective leaders know how to bring out the best in people and give them the space they need to do the work. A good leader, they say, will share the objectives and goals with the employee, but be open to how the employee feels they should go about reaching those goals. This is a far cry from how many people lead, by giving step-by-step instructions on every little thing. Great leaders don’t hand-hold; they let the person know what outcome they would like, but then they allow the employee some creative leeway in reaching those objectives. Everyone works in…show more content…
That way everyone feels safe sharing them. A safe environment helps get creativity flowing, and that’s always a good force for helping to move your practice forward. Strategic Delegation Wright State University offers information about how to delegate strategically. They suggest that although very few managers excel at delegation, effective delegation will reduce the managers’ workload and provide growth opportunities. With delegation being such an important asset to your practice, it’s a good idea to learn how to become good at it. They suggest that when you delegate strategically, you are using forethought and planning in a way that will capitalize on opportunities. In order to delegate strategically and help your employee be effective with their referral system duties, you will want to devise a plan. Start by determining what the objectives will be, let them know how much flexibility they have in using their own discretion in achieving them, and get them involved in helping to create the plan for how things will be accomplished and how progress will be evaluated. While we are on the topic, let 's look at a few things people can do to bring out the best in others. Telling someone to be a good leader is a lot different than giving them some specific ideas of things they can do to be one. Good leaders tend to focus on the person’s strengths. Think of a baseball coach. The coach is unlikely to put someone in a key position who is not fit for it. If he knows the
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