The Book ' Ruth '

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Taylor Blais Pastor Dave Delacruz Old Testament NELC 2015-2016 The Book of Ruth History is something that every human being must refer to and it cannot be helped. It does not matter if you work in fashion design, an artist in an art studio, or working for an automobile company such as Ford; we all reference what the past has taught us. It is foolish to press forward and not look back to discover how others achieved great heights, or to prevent great tragedy and disaster. No one wants to see another Nazi Germany, but we all want to see an Independance day. The bible is just as diverse and wide in the subjects of life and faith. We can look back into its pages and see time unfolding before our very eyes. Most likely, anyone who has read Matthew has seen the genealogy of Jesus and seen the name of this woman; Ruth. Today, we are going to discuss the book of Ruth and how it foreshadows Jesus Christ in the gospels. When talking about who wrote this book and when, we must keep in mind that the bible was put together in chronological order as events had taken place. The book seems to take place during the time of Judges (Flemming, 308). Scholars and researchers have debated who wrote the book and when. Seeing that in Ruth 4:18-22 references King David in genealogy, the prophet Samuel has been thought to have written the book between the dates of 1011 and 931 B.C. (Book) This has been difficult to prove because if Samuel did write the book, then levirate marriage would have to be

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