The Book ' Shitty First Draft ' By Anne Lamott

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The text “Shitty First Draft” is written by Anne Lamott from the book “Bird by Bird”, it uses ethos to attract readers by giving examples or personal experience showing that she is very familiar with writing and uses style and substance to keep the readers’ noses tuck in their books. Reading the title readers would expect that this would be a fun read instead of a serious, heavy-content one. This text is mainly for writers and uses a really friendly tone with some jokes along the way. The composition focuses on the fact that all great books or articles start with a really bad first draft. The book “Bird by Bird” is published in 1994, telling readers on how to write or improve their writing. Anne Lamott has publised books and articles as the food reviewer of California magazine before it folded. The fact that the writer has a lot of experience makes the audience believe that what she is saying is most likely true and would believe what Lamott had experienced is a normal occurrence as a writer. Looking at Lamott’s style of writing, it is really easy to see that she is a funny person as she joked about how she knew one person who writes “elegant first drafts” (Lamott Par. 1) and how she and her writer friends doesn’t like the person much. She also mentioned the false thoughts about successful writers doesn’t go through the really awful drafts of a rookie writer.
“Shitty First Draft” concentrates on writers and showing them that really bad first drafts are okay and normal,
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