The Book Skull Wars By Kennewick Man

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Archeologist Brian Fagan once wrote that “If we are ignorant of the past, someone will rewrite it for us.” In the book Skull Wars by Kennewick Man, David Hurst Thomas explores the history of Anthropology and its relationship between American Indians and European Descent. This novel reveals the underlying truth, hardship and reality of who Christopher Columbus once called Los Indios. In the book Skull Wars by Kennewick Man, Brian Fagan’s Statement of the rewriting of the past can relate to Skull Wars in numerous ways. I Agree with his statement and believe that if we do not care or learn about what has really happened in the past, why would it be so hard for mainstream American society to feed us misinterpreted stories today? Kennewick Man has also taken a huge step forward in revealing the truth on why todays Indians resent and distrust both anthropology and archeology. But how has the history of interaction between Native American people and their displacers shaped the way I approach and think of Native American prehistory? Firstly, there are numerous Examples of European interactions with American Indians. From the beginning Indians focused on Trade as a major role in receiving and selling goods. For example, the Indians traded much with European explorers and colonists. Many Native hunters demanded deer hides that Indians were very skilled at making. Indians demanded thing such as iron tools, copper pots and glass beads. As a result of trade many French people developed

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