The Book ' The Banquet '

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Introduction What was thought to be dead was seen alive, what seem to be gone was standing here right by your side, we can be lost in stories tricked into thinking that they are nothing more than twisted tales a fantasy but do we really know the truth that lies behind each one. I have told many stories of my own, stories that would haunt you in your sleep with creatures thirsty for your blood and hunger for your meat. Now let me take you on a journey of which I truly hope you will enjoy a journey far away deep into the past, so are you ready? Because the things that awaits you can forever leave you spellbound. Played by the mind Wet droplets are falling from the sky, as dark clouds are forming, “look like there’s going to be a storm”…show more content…
My hunger grew intensely as I did not pack any food for what I thought was a short journey regretting my action I continued on. Beatrice and I stopped by a creek for a short rest; we lay together under a tree and l looked up somehow mesmerized by the dark clouds, lost in my own thoughts I fell into a deep slumber. Unaware of the time I woke up dumbstruck as heavy rain shoots down from the sky and gustily wind pushing hard against my face with the sound of thunder crackling all around me. Beatrice and I struggling to get up we hurried to our carriage and quickly took refuge, with our clothes wet and damp we waited for the unforgiving rain to end. With much luck the horrific storm lasted for only a couple more minutes which was a huge relief but had made us fallen behind schedule. We step out of the carriage soaking wet as we hurried to change and quickly continued with no time to spare. Hungry we were Beatrice and I decided that we should stop by an inn hoping to find some food though we have been riding for so long that we don’t know for sure if we were travelling in the right direction relying on my experience we went on. Beatrice than asked me “sweetie are you sure this is the right way we been travelling for so long, the feast starts tomorrow evening and we need to be there by tonight” , I replied “ I’m pretty sure this is the way don’t give your hopes up we’ll make it there in time”. I looked at Beatrice and seeing how
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