The Book ' The End '

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“The End”
I silently shut the novel I had finished. The adventure of the book was satisfied as each character received their own happy ending. Every character changed in some way throughout the course of the storyline, and every decision, no matter how significant or seemingly unimportant, impacted the character’s fate. I began to ponder a moment in which my life was changed by a simple experience. Happiness frolics around in my mind, replaying hazy memories of the phase that changed me forever. As the visions illustrate themselves, reflections of the past special moments made it seem as if i were reliving the experiences. I can not help but smile involuntarily. It all started in middle of 2014 and my singing instructor had convinced me to
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The night was filled with fun and laughter, but not the jeering that I had nervously anticipated. Even though the crowd was small, to this day I swear that it was the biggest applause I have ever received. I remember with great clarity the words that I heard as I left that night: “Never stop doing what you are doing.” I did not. Inspired by the performers I had witnessed, I began practicing more and even started to write original music. I continued to learn more things about the powerful art form known as song. From this point, a thought began to crystallize into a dream, and I became more serious about pursuing a career in this field of work. I continued to attend these open mics every available Sunday. I even experiencing new music venues, but none seemed to match the happy and positive energy of “Chaplin’s”. I grew more and more confident while performing and interacting with audience members. One Sunday in mid-December, I saw a flyer for a competition based on open mics. I immediately signed up and auditioned. I was ecstatic when I received the email that I made it to the next round. Ms. Lori guided me along this journey and once again helped me to pick and vigorously practice my set. On the night of the competition in the beginning of January, “Chaplin’s” was more crowded than the typical open mics. After an amazing night of unique and powerful music, the results revealed that I had
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