The Book ' The Notebook '

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CHARACTERS There are nine characters in The Notebook, some mentioned only once in conversation, but some used all the way through out the story. One of the main characters is Noah Calhoun, the narrator of the story. He is very mellow, but has held onto Allie his entire life. It is hard for Noah to seem to forget people and tends to let his built up depression out through poetry, crafts, or outdoor activities. He is enamored with Allie and has been since they were young adults. After re-encountering her after not having spoken nor written to her in fourteen years, they fall madly back in love and grow old together. Noah is a very vivid character, especially his aging process and his hair turning from brown to grey. Noah is realistic not only because of his looks being described, but more because of his traits: his inability to forget and his mellow personality. The other main character, Allie Nelson, is the woman that Noah is effectuated by. She has a hard time following her heart and wants to be accepted socially. She is a pleaser and never wants to let people down so she constantly debates with her feelings and bargains with her conscience. She comes from a wealthy family and has also been in love with Noah since she was a teenager, however had became content being engaged to another man. She decided to revisit Noah, old feelings re-emerge; she battles her emotions and her conscience, eventually growing old with Noah. Allie is a very vivid character as often times she…

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